Midwest Whitetail Outfitters is a 4, acre privately owned and operated Whitetail Outfitter. Our Whitetail hunts are in a variety of cover including heavy woods and open fields. None of the land is fenced. The memory of your hunt will last a lifetime. At Midwest Whitetail Outfitters we love to hunt just as much as our guests. We know what hunters expect from a quality outfitter.

Our goal is to exceed those expectations year after year. No reason to worry about if a stand is secure, easily climb up the ladder and wait to call in the buck of a lifetime.


Whitetail hunting is what we do. Like you, we live, breathe and dream about hunting and managing our whitetail deer population. Get the latest news, trailcam photos and and great offers sent directly to your inbox. Midwest Whitetail Outfitters is no exception.

Located firmly in the Iowa "Hot Zone", we pride ourselves on the quality of land and bucks taken year after year. This is fair chaise at it's finest.

Book your Iowa dream hunt today! We accept a select few bookings every year. It's important to us that our guests have every opportunity to harvest a buck of a lifetime. We keep our sets fresh and low pressured in the hopes that every client has the hunt of their dreams and comes back as often as possible. Southeast Iowa isn't called the "Land of the Giants" for nothing. We have World Class Turkey hunting as well. Get your hunting buddies together and take a long weekend hunting Iowa Turkey.

Subscribe to our mailing list.Each year hunters come from around the country to pursue monster whitetails with us in Kansas!

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Hunting with Midwest Whitetail Adventures, your hunt is sure to be a rush! Catering to the hunter, our focus is to provide the hunter with the tools to harvest Monster Whitetails! Midwest Whitetail Adventures specializes in guided bow hunts. We also offer shotgun and muzzleloader hunts.

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We have the land, the stands and most importantly, the Monster Whitetails! Let us put you in the record book with your own trophy whitetail today!

Midwest Whitetail Adventures has searched out top deer hunting properties. We have over 30, acres of prime hunting land in Northeastern Kansas. This farm has been strictly managed and consistently produces Monster Bucks. This has allowed our bucks to grow to full potential.


Some outfitters will take smaller tracts of land and try to manage for a certain size which is very hard to maintain. We feel our method is a more productive way of harvesting the Monster Bucks that will satisfy our hunters. Youth Firearm Muzzleloader Archery Rifle. Office : Mark : Seth : Email Facebook Twitter.

Eastern Colorado Whitetail

North East Kansas. Come hunt the finest properties Kansas has to offer! Book Your Hunt. Let us put you in the record book with your own Monster Buck! Guided whitetail deer hunting in North East Kansas. Hunt Dates. Book your hunt today to join us for a chance at a buck of a life time.

midwest whitetail outfitters

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Number of hunters. Your Email. Desired Hunt Date s.

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Close this module. Stay up-to-date with the latest news from Midwest Whitetail Adventures!Many dedicated deer hunters chase whitetails and other game despite illness, pain and general discomfort. Hunters, frequently power through discomfort. Every bowhunter should be proficient with their archery equipment. Likewise, they should strive for growth, and to become better than they were last season.

I touched on this hunt very briefly in the Ask Winke section as one of my favorites so I thought I should include the full description of the hunt here. It was an Eastern Colorado Whitetail hunt that started as a mule deer hunt and ended in a very unbelievable way. I shot this giant whitetail shortly before Christmas in in eastern Colorado on a mule deer hunt.

It is still the most amazing hunt I have been on simply because of how it played out. It all started innocently enough the afternoon before when guide, Dan Ardrey, and I glassed a section of creek looking for a big mule deer the rancher had recently seen.

midwest whitetail outfitters

What we found instead was a big whitetailbut in the fading light it was tough to tell just how big. Right here, the creek makes a bend. It comes in from the northwest, turns a yard wide half-circle and heads back out to the northeast. The remainder of the inside of the bend — about 10 to 12 acres — is filled with tall grass and weeds. We spotted the buck entering the grass field from the north using the east leg, and as we drove away we were already scheming about the best way to hunt him.

This sketch shows the majority of the significant landmarks and events of this crazy day of deer hunting. The next morning dawned cold — minus degrees — with a light wind out of the west. Dan stopped the truck well east of the creek, and I headed for the outside of the bend carrying a tree stand and a handful of steps. I easily found a tree that gave me an open shot across the entire creek bottombut there were a couple of heavy branches behind me that made it almost impossible to carve a decent shooting lane to the open pasture.

But, in the dark, on short notice, it would have to do. The morning produced few sightings: one whitetail doe and four coyotes.

At Dan drove past on a farm lanecrossed the creek and the bend and parked near the feedlot on the other side. While he was waiting, he saw the buck and a couple of does walk through the grass field from west to east, about yards south of my stand.

The grass kept Dan from seeing the rack well, but he was pretty sure it was the same deer. After climbing down and hearing the news, I went right back and sat until noon without seeing a thing. We reasoned that the deer had bedded on the east side of the bend somewhere, in the direction Dan had seen them walking. The country in Eastern Colorado is very open except for the occasional creek and the irrigated alfalfa fields that often adjoin them.

This country can produce very big whitetails.Midwest Whitetail Adventures specializes in guided whitetail hunts in Kansas. We have searched out the best properties in our area to ensure you a quality hunt. We have over 30, acres of prime hunting ground scattered around and along the Republican river valley. This vast ground now reaches into units 6, 8 and This area has been strictly managed and consistently produces giant Whitetails. With our low pressure, our deer live to be harvested at their prime age.

Catering to the hunter, our focus is to provide the hunter with the tools to harvest Monster Whitetails! We have the land, the stands and most importantly the knowledge to harvest Monster Whitetails! We have many record book kills. Let us put you in the record book too! We offer 5 day early muzzle loader hunts, RUT bow hunts, youth hunts and rifle hunts. Take your pick! We offer early season bow hunts at great prices! Hunt while the bucks are still in their bachelor groups and are still easy to pattern.

These hunts are guided, so test your skill at harvesting an early season buck. We offer prime hunts during the RUT. These guided hunts will include pre-scouted stand options and lodging. Youth Firearm Muzzleloader Archery Rifle.

midwest whitetail outfitters

In the past few years, everyone who has applied has drawn a permit. You can apply for a permit here. You can purchase a non-resident hunting license here.

midwest whitetail outfitters

Every hunter hunting in Kansas for any game must have a non-resident hunting license! Hunters Safety. Office : Mark : Seth : Email Facebook Twitter. Kansas Deer Hunts mwaadmin T Liability Waiver. Download Brochure. Hunt Dates. Trophy Gallery. Cold Storage for Harvested Deer. Transportation to and from stands.Quality Deer Management Management In Mid-West Trophy Outfitters effort to maximize your chance of harvesting a buck of a lifetime, the majority of our properties are bow hunting only.

We do allow limited gun hunting on specific farms. Only inch bucks are allowed to be harvested. Currently, nonresidents are allowed to harvest one buck and one doe with their license. We adhere to quality deer management standards and encourage the harvesting of does. We strive to harvest bucks at least 3. We work with our farmers in establishing food plots on our properties to give the deer as much nutrition as they need.

Our properties are bow hunted the last weeks of the season to ensure the deer will be undisturbed come the rut. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. With on-site skinning and prepping services, we can begin caring for your trophy immediately.?

Our partnership allows. Learn More '; document.

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Mid-West Trophy Outfitters. Putting Whitetail Enthusiasts, on the Buck of a Lifetime!

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Bowhunting Bow Hunting is our specialty. We focus our efforts on putting you within bow-range during the most exciting time to be in the woods; The Whitetail Rut! Mid-West Trophy Outfitters offers some of the most aggressively managed Illinois hunting land for the serious hunter.

Pre-set stands on hardwood ridges, food sources, travel corridors and bedding areas, scouted by our guides, to put you on top of giant whitetails! Quality Deer Management. In Mid-West Trophy Outfitters effort to maximize your chance of harvesting a buck of a lifetime, the majority of our properties are bow hunting only. Book a Hunt. Minimum Age Class. Shoot us an email.With almost 4, acres of prime Southeast Iowa land, Midwest Whitetail Outfitters sits firmly in the land of the giants.

We manage the property, and we only guide a select few hunters each season. We work hard to maintain the quality of whitetail deer to assure that each hunter has the potential to harvest the buck of a lifetime. When you finally get the chance to hunt Iowa and our abundance of trophy whitetail bucks, you may never be the same.

Jay is an avid Bow Hunter with a wall of full of great whitetails.

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His passion for being in the outdoors every single day is second to none. Jay has an uncanny ability to read whitetail habitat and understand travel patterns. Along with his down to earth country style, these qualities make Jay an excellent guide and fast friends out of clients.

Life long Bow Hunter and outdoorsman with 25 years of experience chasing mature whitetails. Ed brings a passion for having the best possible opportunities at harvesting mature bucks. Get the latest news, trailcam photos and and great offers sent directly to your inbox.

We are also working on acquiring land in Illinois and Missouri for future hunting opportunities. Join our Newsletter for the latest updates.

Subscribe to our mailing list.Midwest whitetail Outfitters has partnered up with some great companies to provide you the best possible experience while you are at our farms. We use only ladder stands for comfort and safety, with Big Dog and Hawk being our go to choices we have other brands as well, but new sets we choose these ones! While you are on our farm, we have available Ms. Doe Pee, which we believe is the best and freshest estrous attractant during the rut. One deer, one bottle, right from Iowa.

And all of our kill plots, standing food for late season, and off season mineral sites are supplied by Horny Buck Seed! This helps keep our deer healthy so they can pack on the Bone! And to keep our deer low pressured, new this year we are going to be running Snyper Hunting Products Commander 3g cell cams in those hard to get to places, so that we can pattern bucks and get our clients where they need to be at the right time without disturbing the herd to check cams!

We work hard to provide the best possible hunt, and we appreciate our partners support helping us make your hunt the best experience possible!