I was born with a hole in the roof of my mouth. When I tell people about my cleft palatethey look at my now flawless grin with awe and say, "Wow, I would have never known. One hundred stitches were sewn inside my mouth that day. You would have known in ninth grade, when I linked arms with my brother and danced the do-si-do like a hillbilly, my retainer with a fake tooth attached placed delicately on our kitchen island.

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Or when she cuddled me while doling out my antibiotics post-gum surgery in eleventh. You would have known after seeing me in my Volkswagen Passat pulled onto the side of the road in twelfth grade, my body hung over the steering wheel as I mourned the loss of my second failed implant attempt. It would be another six months before we could try again. That was not the last time I would cry about my facial deformity — the physical battle had been fought, but the mental conflict was about to get bloodier than I ever imagined.

Not just the initial cleft surgery, but also the jaw surgery, the gum surgeries, the teeth implants — everything. To understand my rage, you have to understand my upbringing. Up until that point, I was made to believe that children born with a cleft palate or lip only went through one surgery as an infant, never going under anesthesia for their cleft condition again. I grew up thinking that I was one of the very, very few cleft kids who had to endure more than one surgery in their lifetime.

Somehow, I grew up not knowing a single one of them. Somehow, I went through my whole adolescence never really knowing anyone else fighting the way I was, enduring the same exact scars I did. The shame I felt over my cleft palate mostly ended after I got my full set of teeth in college, but I know those born with a cleft lip are not so lucky. She has since apologized, but her words and actions are a prime example of the challenges and stigma those with cleft lips still face every single day.

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People born with a cleft lip, palate, or both endure more pain and shame than we realize, and seeking out a supportive community is crucial.

Whether you find solace on Reddit, follow Instagram accounts like CleftProud and CleftClubor join an organization like Operation Smile or Smile Trainfinding your fellow cleft support system will set you free. To the parents of babies and children born with clefts: I know you are scared, worried, and heartbroken for your child, but please try not to be.

We are kind, empathetic, funny, and resilient because of it. We are CleftStrong. As your child travels along this blustery, seemingly never-ending road, the best thing you can do for them as a parent is to help them find their cleft community — in fact, the CDC recommends it. I needed someone to take out their fake teeth with me and dance around my kitchen.

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I needed someone to laugh with me after we shared stories of our first kiss, petrified that a boy might feel our hidden retainer with his tongue. I needed someone to tell me what it felt like to have an implant, and whether they too, have as many nightmares about their teeth falling out as I do.

Follow Allure on Instagram and Twitteror subscribe to our newsletter for daily beauty stories delivered right to your inbox. Keywords wellness personal essay.When news breaks, you may instinctively reach for Twitter. Instagram, meanwhile, can offer a more direct way to interact with your local community.

Note: Before you continue, it may be useful to read this post about using targeted search terms to find sources for all kinds of stories. What is it? From Poynter :. The most popular stuff bubbles up to the front page, but each post starts and lives on a specific subreddit.

Every post, and every comment on every post, can be upvoted or downvoted by each user. Votes are how the community determines the best content, which rises to the top. Note that very few people use their real name on Reddit, but you might consider making your handle indicative of what you do I am nprserri.

You should also know that reddit is a very open forum. These threads can occasionally become a very useful place to find eyewitnesses OR people who know someone near the event. No matter the topic, the most popular reddit posts are those that include first-hand accounts or personal experience.

I pulled out the comment thread of someone who was near the finish line. Unlike Twitter, you can send a private message to anyone on reddit as long as you have an account. Just like in traditional reporting, the most effective way to find people who will a. Reddit is also useful for following crowd-sourced update threads. In the Aurora, Colo.

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Of course with all things on social media, these can contain deeply flawed information, so use caution. An Instagram user tipped us off to a video they had taken that captured a violent fight between bouncers and patrons at a Fort Lauderdale Beach bar.

The video was soon removed from Instagram, but the newspaper was able to grab it in time. When the user filmed this scene, he posted it to his account and reached out to local media who were using the platform.

Because we regularly monitored our mentions, we caught this and alerted our news editors. The takeaway: Be where your audience is — and engage with them there. By being active in the Instagram community, local users have begun tipping us to news they witness.

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I sent the tip in to the news desk, which followed up the following business day at the local police department. The video allowed her to build out a larger trend piece on the state of synthetic drugs. The takeaway: Follow locals! Alert your news editors to anything in your own personal feeds that might be newsworthy. Look and see what other hashtags users are using, and follow those.

Washington, D. It should be obvious, but you have to be very careful when pulling information or sources from social media. People lie and exaggerate online all the time — and journalists fall for it all the timetoo. We challenge those putting information out on social media to provide evidence.Reddit is a massively popular social media site, centered around sharing links and photos. Reddit users, also known as "Redditors," tend to be devoted users of the website.

If you're a Redditor who finds a fellow Reddit user in the wild, be sure to grab their exact username. Because unlike some sites, Reddit doesn't have any sort of directory where you can find a specific user you're looking for. Here are two ways to find a user on Redditusing an internet browser on your Mac or PC, and the mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.

Using the search bar at the top of the homepage, type in the exact username of who you're looking for, and search. On the results page, look for the "Communities" or "Communities and Users" heading. Under it will be a list of users and subreddits that match your search. Click on that name to be brought to their profile. Here, you can see their comment and thread history, or send them a message. This is the easiest way to find someone, but not all users show up when you search for them, even if you have the right name.

Open any internet browser and click or tap on the URL bar at the top of your browser window. Every Reddit profile has a similar URL. Replace the "insertnamehere" with the exact username of the person you're trying to find. You can go straight to a user's profile by changing the URL.

Go to that URL, and you'll be brought to the profile of the user you're looking for. Here, you'll find their posting history, and you can message them. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe.

My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Emma Witman. To find a user on Reddit, you can use the search bar at the top of the site. If you can't find the user you're looking for using the search bar, you can also use a workaround to go directly to their profile page. Once you find a Reddit user's profile page, you'll be able to see their full comment history, as well as send them a direct message.

Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.At first glance, Reddit looks like a list of seemingly random links. But Reddit's front page is actually comprised of posts that thousands of people recently voted to the top of their respective communities, or "subreddits," which are areas of Reddit dedicated to a topic or idea.

There are subreddits for just about everything.

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If you have a particular hobby or interest, there's a good chance there's a subreddit for it. Just type www. No, really. Most of the time, it works.

Because complete strangers on the internet can have the best ideas like using peanut butter to occupy your dog's attention while you give them a wash. The community's welcome page reads: "Today I F--ked Up is a community for the dumbass in all of us. We all have those moments where we do something really stupid. Share your stories and laugh along with the internet.

It's important to keep your skin healthy. For any and all skincare issues, large or small, or even if you just want some general advice, this is the place to go. It's a feast for the eyes, but you'll leave this subreddit feeling hungrier every single time. It's like getting the excellent "Planet Earth" documentary series in bite-sized packages.

This subreddit will give you a newfound appreciation for the movies, and the filmmakers who love sneaking little details and Easter eggs into their works. Sometimes there's nothing better than watching the exploits of the hopelessly romantic. It will almost always make you laugh. Because we all need a midday pick-me-up sometimes this one shows the moment a girl hears that she and her siblings are getting adopted after years of waiting.

Because believe it or not, Spongebob Squarepants is often the best way to help express what you're experiencing in life.

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Because animals are just as fascinating as they are adorable. The description here: "Hippos can't really swim. Their big bones are too dense and heavy, so they just push off the ground, walking or bouncing off the bottom. Because it's always incredible to see how much thought was put into something you'd probably never think twice about. This subreddit never fails to stimulate your mind, even if you can't quite pinpoint why something is so satisfying to watch.

Anything in this subreddit could be a boss fight in a video game. Trust me on this — it's a brilliant subreddit. Given it's one of the most popular subreddits, there's a good chance you'll see plenty of new content throughout the day to provide some much-needed levity. Because the human mind is capable of some incredible and terrifying things. The above art was created by Reddit user toxonex. A Life Pro Tip or LPT is "a tip that improves life for you and those around you in a specific and significant way," according to the subreddit.

Anything on this page is almost guaranteed to make you laugh. Some advice: Don't look at this subreddit at work. There are literally thousands of subreddits out there, just waiting to be explored. Some communities are much larger than others, but it's incredible to know there are subreddits for almost every city, and people who like Ouija boards, and engineers, and Christmas, and Power Rangers, and just about anything you can think of.

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Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.Bringing you closer to the people and things you love. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life's highlights. I am going to use every last 1, characters available to trash talk this app because it really is THAT bad.

If this app wasn't already bad enough, it just got worse. Now I can't use "Enter" to send a message. I literally have to use the mouse to click send every single time. If someone uploads multiple images, you can only see the first one. If you send a link to someone in a message, the link does not go away.

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It sits on the bottom of your messages like it's the last one you sent. The only way to get rid of it is to uninstall the app and re-install it again. This app is complete and total trash can garbage. Whoever is working on this for PC needs to be fired. Every time this app updates it gets worse and worse. I don't understand how they have so many bad reviews and every update breaks it some more.

Your app is bad and you should feel bad. You've destroyed the app; even though it was limited at first, it was still pretty close to the mobile version. Now, it's no more than a browser taking users to Instagram's home page. Installing this has become plain pointless. I can't even change between accounts or go to the recently viewed profiles list! What have you done?! The app needs a serious update just to have a bear minimum of full features. It's a garbage Webapp. I hate this new upgrade more like a downgrade of Instagram.

I'm truly gonna stop using Instagram now. Can y'all please change it back to the old version?? The previous version of Instagram for pc was actually better. I loved how i could post from my windows 10 surface pro and easily switch between accountsOn Instagram, you can convert your personal profile to a business account to access features that can help you grow your business.

With a business account, you'll be able to access business features and Instagram Insights. These tools can help you understand who is engaging with your business on Instagram. You also have the option to display or hide your business category and contact information on your profile. After setting up, go to your profile and tap Edit Profile.

Go to Profile Display under Public Business Information to choose whether you want to hide or display your category label and contact info. Then, tap Done. Instagram Help Centre. Help Centre. Set Up a Business Account on Instagram On Instagram, you can convert your personal profile to a business account to access features that can help you grow your business.

To switch your profile to a business account: Go to your profile and tap in the upper right corner. Tap Settings. Tap Account.

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Tap Switch to Professional Account. Tap Business. If you'd like, you can follow the steps to connect your business account to a Facebook Page associated with your business. This step is optional, and will make it easier to use all of the features available for businesses across the Facebook family of apps.

At this time, only one Facebook Page can be connected to your business account. Add details, like your business category and contact information. Tap Done. Was this information helpful?

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Related Articles.If you temporarily disable your account, your profile, photos, comments and likes will be hidden until you reactivate it by logging back in. If you can't remember your password or username, see some tips for logging in.

If you don't want to disable your account but want to change who can see it, you can set your posts to private or block people. Note: If you'd like to delete your Instagram account, follow these instructions. Instagram Help Centre. Help Centre. How do I temporarily disable my Instagram account? To temporarily disable your account: Log into instagram.

You can't temporarily disable your account from within the Instagram app. Tap or click your profile picture in the top right and then select Edit Profile. Scroll down, then tap or click Temporarily disable my account in the bottom right.

Select an option from the drop-down menu next to Why are you disabling your account? The option to disable your account will only appear after you've selected a reason from the menu and entered your password.

Tap or click Temporarily Disable Account. Was this information helpful?

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Permalink Related Articles. Related Articles. How do I delete my Instagram account? How do I set my Instagram account to private so that only approved followers can see what I share?

How do I update Instagram profile information like my name, username and email? How do I disconnect my Instagram account from another social network? How do I clear my Instagram search history?