chevrolet 3 4 engine diagram valve cover diagram base website

See procedure below for 3. Question: Top of motor tore down for oil getting in coolant. Found bad at coolant jackets. To replace intake gaskets what is the procedure for installing correct length push rods in the right spot and valve adjustment after taking push rods out of way to get gaskets. I am former gm tech years ago, now heavy truck. Answer: There is no special valve adjustments on this motor as was the case with the older Chevy small block.

Rocker arms are just torqued to specs. The most important thing is that the push rods are installed correctly. They are different lengths. GM recommends new lower intake bolts, and have updated the torque specs on the rocker arms and lower intake bolts.

Exhaust pushrods are longer than intake. Intake valves are closer to the valley of the engine. Torque spec on rocker arms is: 14 NM in. No compression on 3. Sound like you have the push rods in the wrong order.

Check them again using picture above. I'm working on a 3. Either they will need to be replaced, or you can run the engine for a while to see if they will. Running too long though can cause other engine damage. When u open a valve cover to a 3. Were the rocker arms supposed to be loose? Well, no they should not be loose. If they are the rocker arm studs may have pulled the threads out of the cylinder head. If that happened you would need to drill tap and using Helli-Coil to repair.

I just completed this job, and after assembly car worked and ran fine. Made a test drive of miles, Axel from stop as well as while moving.

Drove car back home, idled for a few means, then drove a longer distance. After maybe 5 miles, stopped at a red light, and noticed what sounded like valves tapping, then upon pressing the gas to accelerate, car seemed to lose power and 'check engine' light started blinking. Is it possible the rocker arm bolts could have been improperly torqued?


Yes, this sounds like at least one of the rocker studs has pulled its treads out of the cylinder head. This is causing a misfire, thus the blinking check engine light. I would suspect it is the one or more that were improperly torqued. There is a repair kit to fix this. It comes with a drill, tap and dye, and insert.

Had a rattle noise in my 3. Yes, a thread repair kit will do the trick and will actually be stronger than the factory setup. Just make sure when you drill and tap for the Helicoil, that is it absolutely straight with the original hole.See all 17 photos. We were more excited to buzz this turkey on the dyno than we usually are with some whumpin' big-block.

It's different. Not too many people build V-6s any more. Perhaps we found out why, but we still think it's neat-or at least cute. See, the 'up Chevy 4. They're common in 'up trucks, and we still get so many letters asking how to feed a V-8 to an S truck that this time we elected to answer the question no one asked: How do you get more wheeze out of the stock 4. But first, a little V-6 lore. The units we're concerned with are the Chevy degree variety, meaning that the cylinder banks are set at a degree angleto each other, just like a small-block V The bore centers 4.

The 'up 4. Any V-8 trans will bolt right up to the degree sixer. The 4. Not that 4. The even-fire 4. There are also common-pin V-6 cranks they look just like conventional V-8 cranks developed for the Chevy V-6's Busch Grand National racing days, but those are odd-fire units. Like the Chevy V-8, the degree V-6 saw some transition during production: factory hydraulic roller lifters, one-piece rear-main seals, and center-bolt valve covers all appeared in '' Just like a V-8, one-piece-seal cranks can be swapped into two-piece-seal blocks with commonly available adapters.

Our pick was the Speed Pro LWF, a lightweight forging grams with four valve reliefs with 6. The rings are Sealed Power R file-fits set at 0. The V-6 is known as a shaker, so we had Dougan's Engine do a precision balance job.

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Dougan's was able to modify Milodon ,psi rod bolts for a application just by clearancing the heads a bit, as shown on the right. See how two rods arrows on the same journal are offset a bit?

They're also separated by a cast-in thrust surface, and hence, the rods are narrower than a V-8's. The Milodon main studs and oil-pump stud were sourced from a V-8 application. Combined with stock heads that Dougan's checked at 68cc chambers, pistons that we set at an average of 0. Stock was 8.


Because we changed plans midstream and decided to someday try the Vortech blower for carbs on this engine see the story in this issuewe asked Dougan's to mill a 3. For now, it runs fine on cheap gas. He cut a few inches off the front, enlarged one bolt hole arrow to clear the dipstick tube, and tweaked a few louvers to fit the stock oil pan.

You can use conventional short- or long-water-pump accessories on the 4.

chevrolet 3 4 engine diagram valve cover diagram base website

We also wanted a steel balancer in case we ever add the blower, and we needed an SFI-approved balancer for the track. Dougan's found that the Pioneer balancer PN on the right is a 6. Off-the-shelf cam grinds are pretty tiny for use with the OE computer-controlled applications that house most of these engines. The cam kit PN K comes with cam, lifters, retainers, locks, seals, timing set, valvesprings, pushrods, guideplates, and rocker studs.ATK Marine Engines.

There are over processes involved in the remanufactuing each ATK engine that are desinged to meet or exceed O. Ford 5. No matter how you use your boat, ATK Marine engines will provide maximum performance Brand New complete drive. Cylinder Head Assembly for 4. Unlike automotive engines, all marine inboards have exhaust risers that feature a Oops, something went wrong.

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Current Stock:. Select Option: Required 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1 2 4 5. Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Featured procedures include Engine blocks are magnafluxed, cylinders bored and precision-honed, and main saddles line-honed to exacting O. Heads have 3 bolt hole accessory mounting on the front of each head.

Head casting 's are,and With fuel pump hole. Std rotation, Roller cam engine. Mech fuel pump, steel front cover.

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Has roller rockers. Block has metric mounts. Roller cam with balance shaft. Quick view. Sierra Cylinder Head Assembly.

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Sierra Mercruiser Manifold Elbow. Email Address:. Register Forgot your password? Casting number: GM Balance shaft casting Casting number: Casting number: M.Here are some drive train specs for - Chevy trucks. This info was gathered from many sources. I know of no other source on the web with this info displayed as clearly, all in one place. Hope it helps!

Chevrolet Vehicles Diagrams, Schematics, Service Manuals

From - Chevy trucks had a 13 digit VIN. If your - body style has a VIN located on the dashboard, with 17 digits, then it is between and model. If your truck has the VIN on the dash, but it is not 17 digits, then it is a or model. Your VIN can also be found on the factory options decallocated in the glove box. Here's a list of engine specs. Meant to show what was available When, and in what models.

Here's a list of transmissions offered, with available engines. Gear ratios are listed too Finally, what rear ends came in what models, and what ratios were available. A well kept secret For Automotive Literature it is hard to beat E Bay!

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GM Factory Service Manuals include full detailed instructions for replacing body panels. Every nut bolt and screw location, torque specs, and a ton more. These books are 2" thick, and often include full wiring diagrams too!

Get over to E Bay! E Bay Motors - I have gotten many manuals there. The older manuals didn't include wiring. I just also won a bid on a GM Dealer Album. It includes all pricing for all Chevrolet vehicles, the cost of all options, all the separate optional equipment catalogs and believe me there are lots even a brochure for the Blazer Chalet. There are paint chips, and fabric samples.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Choose from our triple plated chrome, high-luster polished or textured black, all Edelbrock accessories are guaranteed to make your engine look good.

Edelbrock engine accessories are designed to fit perfectly, offer performance benefits and ensure proper clearance with stock components. From classic muscle to modern performance cars and trucks, we have engine dress-up accessories for most popular engines to suit any build.

E-Comm Sales: Sales: Tech: For a custom look that will stand out from the crowd, top off your engine with Edelbrock air cleanersvalve covers and breathers.

Choose from our new Victor Series with a textured black finish, our chrome-plated steel Signature Series, the popular Elite II Series die-cast aluminum, or our Classic and Pro-Flo Series in chrome or black textured finishes, all with the famous Edelbrock script.

Choose from round, oval, or triangular shapes to fit your style. Some models are available with a tall profile to clear most roller rockers and other valvetrain components. Combine with matching air cleaners and valve covers to polish off any engine build.All GM Performance engines include a 24 Month 50, mile warranty. Its legendary status is based on an incredible performance level that is stone cold reliable.

The ZZ4 crate engine is packed with a forged steel crankshaft, hypereutectic pistons, hydraulic roller camshaft and lifters, and aluminum cylinder heads. The ZZ4's Corvette-derived high-performance heads feature high velocity intake runners and D-shaped exhaust ports to promote efficient and unobstructed flow through the engine — providing strong power and torque at all RPM levels. The ZZ4 is delivered with an aluminum dual-plane intake manifold, HEI distributor, cast iron water pump, damper, and flexplate.

The Turn-Key ZZ4 crate engine also ships with all the parts you need to get it running. That includes an accessory drive package, fuel pump, chrome air cleaner kit, Holley cfm carburetor, starter, and spark plug wires. The ZZ4 comes to you with a full horsepower and lb.

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With its high level of performance and durability, it could very well be the perfect crate engine — able to meet the needs of car builders from all phases of the motorsports world. They are merely suggestions of how you might enjoy your GM Performance Parts crate engine. Some applications may affect engine warranty.

Some applications may not be emission legal; check state and local ordinances. Help is just a click away!

Products to Compare max of 3 X. Add to Cart. Store Pickup Availability X. Lincoln, NE. Select your vehicle to verify fitment. Select a vehicle to verify fitment. Select Vehicle. Part Today, computers make these changes as necessary, without you evening knowing it. But if you drive a late model car or pick-up you'll likely want to know how to set the ignition timing yourself.

A quick search of the manual and the internet makes it sound simple enough to set the timing for the Chevy. Just set the idle as if you were in drive and then adjust the timing to the factory-specified timing mark. The reality is a little more complex. The manual says to do the above, plus disconnect the timing connector, which comes out of the harness conduit next to the distributor. This will put the system in the bypass mode. But what it doesn't make clear is which wire should be disconnected.

It is a single wire sealed connector that has a tan with black stripe lead. You can get a photo by calling your local Chevy dealer service center and requesting one. You should also be able to get these from the manual. If you don't have the original from the factory, call your Chevy dealer or pick one up from an auto parts store.

chevrolet 3 4 engine diagram valve cover diagram base website

Always follow the vehicle emissions control information label procedures first before doing the following. Again, you can consult the owner's manual, manufacturer's website, or call the dealer's service center to ask if you are working correctly. DO NOT disconnect the four-wire connector at the distributor. For base timing with manual and automatic transmissions 00 TDCtighten the hold-down and recheck the timing. Matthew Wright. Matthew Wright has been a freelance writer and editor for over 10 years and an automotive repair professional for three decades specializing in European vintage vehicles.

Updated February 13, You should only set your timing if the following conditions are met:. Engine is at normal operating temperature Air cleaner or filter is new Air-conditioning is off Transmission is in neutral.