Dulfy 23 Comments Mar 7, Additionally, you also need Skilled Cooking 1. It costs 43k silver so it is much more expensive than crafting it. I recommend the following node setup for maximum time efficiency in order to enable the mass production of Milk Tea. While you can farm the grapes yourself or gather apples manually, it is good to have a worker gathering grapes to ensure you have a constant supply of them.

Casta Farm is right next to to Olvia so the contribution cost is 2 points only. You can pick either farm near Velia or even both if you need to increase your potato production. If you just need one node, I would pick Bartali since it has both potato and chicken meat resource nodes. You will need chicken meat if you want to make the Organic Feed for pets. Potato is needed for Beer to feed your workers and later on when you are making Milk Tea you will need flour which can be made from potato.

Otherwise you will need to farm corn, wheat, or sweet potato. Cooking Honey is required to make both the precursor Tea with Fine Scent and the Milk Tea so you want to have a ton of them. The most efficient way is by having a node setup in Alejandro farm and have your worker gather the Cooking Honey.

You cannot connect to the farm directly from Heidel and need to go through Northern Guard Camp. A seed takes hrs to grow and can yield as much as 80 products per seed with minimal time investment. If you are unsure how to get your farm up and running I recommend reading this guide. A single 10 slot farm would probably be sufficient at the start. Later on as you need more you can expand to more farms. Gathering Milk is very energy intensive so I would recommend several alts as they all share the same energy cap but regen their own energy individually.

There is a cow farm right by Olvia so you can have your alts parked at the cow farm easily right after speeding through the tutorial. There are two daily quests nearby that give you more milk too. The Flute Boy next to the cow farm give you a daily quest that rewards 10 Milk and there is a NPC named Bren that give you another daily quest for 10 wolf meat that rewards you with 3 milk. Gathering Milk is a mini game that requires 5 energy to get started. If you fail the minigame, you lose 2 energy get nothing.

If you succeed at the minigame, you lose 5 energy but gain a variable amount of milk I have personally gotten anywhere from milk per minigame. Your left mouse button represents the left udder and your right mouse button represents the right udder.Aloe Cookie. Aloe Yogurt.

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Appealing Boiled Bird Egg. Aromatic Pan-Fried Oyster. Assorted Side Dishes. Balanced Feed. Balenos Meal. Big Hard-Boiled Shellfish. Bloody Dark Pudding. Boiled Bird Eggs. Boiled Egg Cooking Box. Apprentice imperial cuisine box sold to imperial crafting delivery 20 Boiled Bird Eggs. Brady's Nutritious Feed. Butter-Roasted Lobster. Calpheon Meal.

How to Make Beer in Black Desert Online

Carrot Confit. Cheese Gratin. Cheese Gratin Cooking Box. Artisan imperial cuisine box sold to imperial crafting delivery 40 Cheese Gratin. Cheese Pie. Chewy Cheese Gratin. Chewy Desert Dumpling. Chewy Steamed Whale Meat. Chilled Coconut Cocktail. Classic Couscous. Coconut Cocktail.Zagorski manages the company's advanced manufacturing of propulsion systems, meaning that he typically spends his day building rocket engines.

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bdo cooking mass production

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bdo cooking mass production

Related Tags.In BDO, cooking is a really useful life skill that can earn you quite some silver if done properly. It can also be useful to ensure access to the best boosting meals and teas. To be able to cook you first need to get yourself a residence and buy a cooking utensil.

You also need to know what materials you can mix to cook something. Unlike other games, your character does not learn recipes, you need to do that. On the flipside, you can make whatever available without searching for a recipe, assuming you have the necessary cooking skills. In this BDO cooking guide, I will show you how to get a residence, how to get a cooking utensil, show you an example of cooking and how to minimize your cooking time. The only way to cook is by using a cooking utensil inside your own residence.

There are residences all over Black Desert, so just choose one that is in a place that suits you. The investment cost ranges from a single contribution point to a few points depending on the size of the residence.

In the image below you see the location of a residence in Velia you can get for a single contribution point. So pick one where you spend most of your time in BDO. After you have invested in a residence you need to buy or make a cooking utensil.

There are a few different cooking utensils in the game which give different bonuses. Of the two, the Balenos utensil is best used for long AFK cooking. The other utensils are listed below, showing both their durability and the cooking time adjustment. When you have acquired a cooking utensil you need to place it inside your residence.

While inside your residence, press the P button to access placement mode.

How To Build A Production Empire In Black Desert Online

Then just choose the cooking utensil and place it in your house wherever you wish. There is a massive amount of ingredients used for cooking, which is far too extensive to list here. However, most of them can be found in the central marketplace or if not there, at least information on how to get them. You should also look at the ingredients which are sold by the Tavern Vendors.

A lot of recipes need these ingredients, which is great as these are the easiest to get. When you have gotten a residence and a cooking utensil you are ready to start cooking your first meal.

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To do so you need to activate the cooking utensil by pressing R while standing next to it. This opens the screen you see below. You now need to place the exact amount of each material for a single batch of whatever you intend to cook. This is important, only place the amount needed for a single batch.Processing in Black Desert Online is at its core a rather simple process.

In this Black Desert Online processing guide, I will go over the steps needed to access all the processing tiers, how to raise your processing skill quickly and what gear helps with processing. To start processing you only need to press the L button, which opens up the processing screen. On that screen, you have the choice to select which type of processing you wish to conduct, such as heating or chopping.

When you select a processing type it highlights in your inventory which items can interact with that processing action. For example, you can heat ore into melted shards. Processing can be split into three separate tiers. You start at tier one and need to complete quests and gain certain minimal skills to advance to the next tier. This bit goes over the steps needed to gain access to all the processing tiers. When you begin playing Black Desert Online you can perform a first level process.

Heating ore into melted shards and chopping timber into planks is an example of first tier processing. While this tier is great to start gaining experience, it is rather poor as a money maker. Getting access to second-tier processing is essential if you intend to make processing your main or even secondary money maker. To be able to process the materials further you need to get certain knowledge.

When you complete certain quests and gain the knowledge you can start doing second-tier processing of that knowledge type. Heating melted shads into ingots and chopping planks into plywood is an example of second-tier processing. Alternatively, you can complete a quest chain which is rather long and starts as you enter Heidel. This quest chain shown in the first column in the image below will ultimately take you to Ficy in Heidel.

After speaking with Ficy you can start your next quest chain which is shown in the third column. The first quest starts with Ornella which asks you to make 2 polished rocks. These are made by grinding 20 rough stone. When you have the rough stones press L, select the grinding tab, right-click the rough stones and press start.

When completed you can turn them in and complete the quest. This rewards you with Grinding: Beginner. The next quest starts with Flaviano.

bdo cooking mass production

Buy 10 empty bottles, go to the river and fill the bottles with water. You do this by right clinking the bottles in your inventory while standing in water. When you have the water press L, select the heating tab, right-click the water bottles and press start. This rewards you with Heating: Beginner.

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The final quest in this line starts with Leybos. He needs you to make three ash planks.Making beer requires a few steps which are: gathering the raw materials, getting a residence, purchasing and installing a cooking utensil at your residence and finally cooking the beer. But before all that you need to know the beer recipe. Your character does not need to learn the recipe as in most MMO games. In Black Desert Online it is enough to know what combination of materials will give you the desired product.

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Of these four materials, the only one you need to gather yourself is the grains, such as wheat, corn, and potato. The other materials can be purchased from a Tavern vendor which are found near or inside the taverns in all the major cities. While you can gather the grain yourself from farming and gathering it is very time-consuming.

It is much better to have a few workers gather the grain for you. Very early in the game, you will come across Toscani Farm. This farm has two corn nodes that can supply you with enough grain to make beer for a long time. You just need to get a couple of workers in Velia and have them work those nodes.

You can read my workers guide if you are unsure of how workers work no pun intended. Later, as your worker empire expands, you might need more grain nodes at which point you will have a few to choose from, such as the potatoes at Bartali farm or the wheat and barley at the Northern Wheat Plantation. The only way to make beer is by using a cooking utensil inside your own residence. A residence is basically your home. There are residences available all over Black Desert, so just choose one that is in a place that suits you.

In the image below you see the location of a residence in Velia you can get for a single contribution point. After you have invested in a residence you need to buy or make a cooking utensil.

There are a few different cooking utensils in the game which give different bonuses. There are other utensils available that have both reduced cooking time and increased durability.Dulfy 43 Comments Jun 6, A guide to cooking in Black Desert Online with all the available cooking recipes.

Updated July 7, Cooking is relatively easy to pick up and many of its ingredients can be used interchangeably so there is usually no need to chase down a specific material that might be hard to obtain. Cooking associates tightly with Farming and Fishing.

While you might be able to get by with purchasing ingredients off the Marketplace, it is much more reliable to get them yourself, especially if you are thinking of mass production.

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Fishing is mostly self-explanatory but for Farming you can consult the guide here. To get started on cooking all you need a Cooking Utensil purchased from a Chef use the NPC window and select the cooking button to locate the closest chef. The basic one you can purchase from the vendors will do for now but as you level up in cooking you may want to look into better cooking utensils you can make from Tool Workshops in cities.

The better ones will have higher durability, allowing you to craft more in an AFK cooking session and have faster crafting speeds. The great thing about cooking is that in most cases you can interchange ingredients as long they are of the similar type. This means that if a recipe calls for grain you can put in potato or corn and it will just work the same.

If it calls for fruits apple or grapes or any other fruits will work identically. You can interchange ingredients in the same recipe as well. If a recipe calls for 4 apples for example, you can put in 2 apples and 2 grapes instead. Additionally, something to note is that ingredients have three tiers of quality.

There is the normal quality which is what most recipes are based on. What this means is that you can use less of the higher quality ingredients in a recipe. The general rules are. So if a recipe calls for 5 potatoes for example, you can either put in 5 normal quality potatoes or 2 High Quality potatoes or 1 Special potato.

The last basic feature to mentionis the Continuous Production button on your cooking utensil. All you need to do is put ingredients enough to make 1 batch of the food and then click on Continuous Production. This will allow the cooking utensil to continuously produce the food until it run out of ingredients. However, certain other things can also stop production such as running out of durability on the cooking utensil or running out of energy.

From Beginner to Apprentice you should be focused on making Beers for your workers. The recipe is as follows.

AFK Processing: How to Make 10s of Millions of Silver a Day in Black Desert Online.